Devtraco Plus

Industry: Luxury Real Estate Development

Their Challenge: After a redesign of their website, Devtraco Plus wanted to ensure that it was discoverable to internet users who were actively searching for terms related to their business (i.e. Homes, apartments in Accra, buy a home, houses in Labone etc.) The client sought to gather leads through the contact form on the website, which they could then follow up on using their sales team to close deals with prospective buyers.

Our Intel: We determined that in the last 12 months before Devtraco Plus engaged us, there were about 360K searches for keywords revolving around home buying in Ghana. In order to capture these searches, we proposed a two-pronged approach of SEO and Paid Search to ensure that the client dominated in organic and paid search engine results.

SEO: On-page optimization was carried out to improve keyword placement, meta- descriptions, title tagging, ALT attributes, user experience and overall site performance. Back linking was implemented to cover off-page optimization and increase the credibility of the site for web crawlers.
Paid Search: We focused on Google for the paid search campaign, since it has about 70% of the search engine market and we were looking to be cost efficient. A combination of long and short tail as well as branded keywords were bid on in order to capture searchers at all phases of the purchasing funnel. Conversion tracking and analytics codes were implemented to assess which keywords and landing pages were most effective in drawing leads who filled the contact form. Budget was then allocated to these keywords and pages to maximize ROAS.
Results: We experienced a CTR of 3.57%, surpassing the average CTR for the real estate industry, which is 2.03%. This resulted in over 300 lead conversions.

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