Maybelline New York

Industry: Cosmetics/FMC

Their Challenge: Maybelline were not reaching a wide audience and there was not much awareness about their brand in Ghana. They had a low engagement rate on their posts.

Our Intel: Maybelline’s brand voice was generally not consistent with their brand, and this had to fixed. There was also minimal posting about products, makeup looks and events, which detrimental to a makeup brand. Followership and post likes were therefore low because posts were not engaging.

Channels: Facebook and Instagram. Instagram is a platform perfect for leveraging visuals of the products makeup looks and events.

Glitz Maybelline Makeup Challenge Activation: This was a prelude to Glitz Fashion Week and an activation to create excitement and engagement for the fashion week. A face chart was posted, and makeup artists were tasked to recreate the look on the chart. All looks were reposted and the 10 looks with the most likes were given the chance to work backstage at the Glitz Fashion Week.

ClientMaybelline New York ServicesSocial Media Activation

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