Petra Trust

Industry: Pensions Management

Their Challenge: Petra wanted to connect with a wide age range online with their products and services. Trying to speak to all these different people at once without a strategy would be cumbersome and inefficient.

Our Intel: Within that wide range, we expected that different segments would resonate with certain topics more than others. Content that the younger segments valued would be different from content that worked for the older segments. Although social media is stereotyped as a “young thing”, we knew a substantial number of the older generation were quietly indulging. So we needed to figure out what content worked for each age segment to ensure maximum engagement.

Strategy: We kept conversation going on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. We ran a multivariate test which delivered 4 groups of content topics across 3 age segments. The goal of the test was to determine engagement levels of the different content topics per each age segment. Content was promoted to reach each target segment respectively.

Results: The test not only revealed which content topics resonated most with each age segment but we also saw a huge spike in engagement over the test period.
On Facebook, for instance, post engagement shot up to an average of 20% compared to 4% in the preceding 6 months when content was targeted at all age groups.

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