Enterprise Group

Industry: Life & Non-Life Insurance, Pensions, Property Development and Funeral Services

Their Challenge: Enterprise Group has majority of the insurance market in Ghana but their online presence didn’t match the clout they had amassed offline.

Our Intel: There was a need to demystify the insurance products and industry as a whole as much of their target didn’t know what was available or why they needed it now. It was essential also to move away from the conservative culture that they had established over time and exude a more relatable personality, especially in the social space.

Strategy: Our goal was to announce the presence of this colossal market leader on social to enhance goodwill and further increase brand awareness.
We dropped a teaser video and used a storytelling approach to drive home the importance of insurance and situations in which it comes in handy.
We then employed the use of micro-influencers who were tasked to start conversations around this content, using hashtags and encouraging interaction from their followers.
After the launch phase, content on the page revolved around themes that were a soft sell before a deep dive into the mix of content that were both hard and soft sells.

Results: The use of influencers increased impressions organically by 20%. The top mention for the month came from a follower who engaged with an influencer finally leading to an office visit. Replies tripled, with retweets growing almost 60%.

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