Industry: Information Technology, Business Solutions

Their Challenge: SMSGH wanted to create a new customer experience for their clients in a bid to redefine the customer service landscape for technological solutions with 6 key products.
In doing so they rebranded from SMSGH to Hubtel because SMSGH built associations with the audience only for the SMS Marketing products and not the entire suite, what the brand sought to portray, and it was fantastically received.

Our Intel: Rebranding often focuses on an abrupt switch in logo, which does not carry customers or the audience on the journey, growth, or cultural and operational shifts which happen internally for the brand. We wanted SMSGH’s rebranding to be different.

Strategy: We developed the concept of an animation which used symbolism to demonstrate not only the change in logo but the growth of the brand from an SMS marketing platform to a full-fledged B2B technology company.
We did this with a compelling metaphor of the gradual transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly, which was a simple yet powerful depiction of what the brand sought to communicate with the rebranding.
The campaign had several phases, each with a different objective but our overall goal was to reach B2B customers strategically, educate them about the benefits of the products and services while soft-selling and position the brand as a business resource.

Results: Our strategy delivered approximately 1.2M impressions of content that was put out across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. We achieved click-through rates of 6.37% on Facebook, 4.01% on Twitter and 1.36% on LinkedIn, topping industry averages for these platforms between April and June 2017.