Industry: Middle Income Real Estate Development

Their Challenge: IndigoHomes needed to use online channels to reach potential buyers and use the tools available via the online platforms to gather relevant information that would lead to conversations that end up in conversions/sales.

Our Intel: With a layered approach that stuck with the customer through the purchase funnel, we could be positioned at the consideration phase to drive prospects to complete contact forms that were native to the social media platforms or not the website.

Strategy: On Facebook and LinkedIin we run lead generation ads with a mix of persuasive copy, appealing visuals, strong calls-to-action and specific targeting to reach the desired audience based on their demographics, online behaviour and interests.

Results: Our lead generation efforts, specifically, led to conversations with over 200 prospective buyers over an 8 month period. There were also surplus leads generated from traffic driven to the website through social media content promotion and web-click ads. For a business like Indigo Homes, this represents a huge reduction in the cost of lead acquisitions.

ClientIndigoHomesServicesCustomer Acquisition, Lead Generation, Conversion tracking

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