Dark and Lovely

Industry: Beauty/Hair

Their Challenge: Although they had a number of followers, Dark and Lovely lacked the amount of following worthy of a hair care brand of its stature. They also had a problem with answering customer questions and comments promptly. Posts on their page were also not engaging.

Our Intel: To increase the number of people who saw their content, content needed to be promoted. To incite engagement on the brand, there was also the need for the use of gifs, videos and engaging material to keep audience attention and interaction. Content generally needed to be promoted to reach a larger number of people.

Channels: Facebook was the client’s preferred platform, as a large majority of their audience can be found here. The focus was to have a platform where visuals and effective communication could be harnessed.

Fro’Queen activation: This activation was to create awareness for the new range of products for natural hair – Au Naturale. Audience were tasked to send in pictures of their afros with best-looking afro being awarded a set of Au Naturale products.

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