Association Of Chartered Certified Accountants

Industry: Education (Certification and Continuous Professional Development)

Their Challenge: ACCA wanted to drive registration for their career fairs where students and professionals could interact and build networks for future mentoring or business.
The online channel was sought to target students online from across tertiary institutions in the Greater Accra region to augment BTL efforts and to enable the reallocation of man-hours.

Our Intel: Students and professionals are looking for certifications and courses that will better equip them on their respective career paths and give them better financial benefits. Some professionals are also looking for network expansion for knowledge and wealth sharing and generation. Our vision was to get them to discover and choose ACCA.

Strategy: We created a landing page for ACCA with a registration form to capture details of prospective students. We focused on Facebook in order to be cost-efficient while maximizing reach. Facebook ads targeting 3 customer segments were ran to direct users to the landing page.

Results: The campaigns were immensely successful.
We received 506 sign-ups via the landing page registration over 2 campaigns lasting a total of 11 weeks. This allowed ACCA to save on huge awareness and direct marketing offline for the first time.

ClientACCAServicesCustomer Acquisition, Lead Generation, Conversion tracking