Industry: Luxury Real Estate Development

Their Challenge: Ahead of the official launch of their AyiMensahPark project and showcase of their first complete showhome, IndigoHomes wanted to introduce the brand and properties to the Ghanaian market.
Seeing as this was their first entry into the market, they wanted to create a ton of brand awareness, drive traffic to the website and ultimately have visitors intrigued enough to book a viewing.

Our Intel: Our strategy was to leverage display advertising as it would provide the most qualified eyeballs and traffic to the website, which was the desired outcome for a brand launch.

Execution: We utilized a two-pronged approach to achieving IndigoHomes’ goals. First,
we identified who their target customer is based on demographics and online behavior. We then used contextual, placement and topic targeting methods to serve display banner ads on selected websites that were either relevant to the brand or frequently visited by the target. We tested several variations of combinations of copy, artwork and landing page to determine the optimal mix. For the second level of this strategy we employed remarketing which enabled us to retarget website visitors who had not booked a viewing of the property.

Results: The average CTR for the real estate industry on the Google Display Network is 0.24%.
We achieved a CTR of 0.53% for the generic display campaign and almost twice the CTR for the remarketing campaign, which also led to more conversions on the website.
This demonstrated that remarketing was good for recall with qualified website visitors who had shown initial interest but needed further persuasion to convert.

ClientIndigoHomesServicesDisplay Advertising, Display Advertising With Remarketing