Breakups can be messy, relieving or, well, peaceful. But the breakup event is often not where the emotionally tasking stuff happens, it’s the ‘there after’. Following social media accounts of exes to see what they are up to post-breakup, rubbishing their new found love aka your replacement’s looks, or just plain old weeping and wishing you were still the main attraction on your ex’s timeline.

Tadaaaaaa! In come all the so-called relationship experts. They supposedly know why your relationship failed or what you could have done better. They claim to know how best to go through a breakup regardless of the circumstances of the breakup or your specific personalities and love languages. Let’s be the ones to break it to you: them no know nothing! They have been wrong all along…at least when it comes to applying those principles in agency-client breakups, that is. So here are three sure fire ways to deal with a breakup effectively as an agency:

Flirt while dating!

This may be taboo for romantic relationships even though you never know when bae is going to run off with another lover because they suddenly deem you an incompatible partner. “Why put all your eggs in one basket”, we ask? As an agency, you should certainly not be disillusioned.  Yep. Client Bae may suddenly complain about your fees being too high simply because some agency came in ‘guerilla styleeey’ to say they can do it cheaper. Never be reliant on that one big client. Keep looking for business that can keep you going in the event that you lose one of your prized clients. If you don’t, the shock of loss could literally kill your business.

Put yourself out there right after the breakup!

Our dear relationship experts will probably advise that you take some time to grieve your lost love and indulge in some self-care to rebuild yourself. For Client Bae, we disagree. You may have just lost your first love but sitting and sulking will not help. You can’t give yourself a fallow period to recover – how do you pay your bills? IRL we believe the phrase, “the best way to get over someone is to get with another”.  Get out there and start chasing. Some agencies tend to follow ex-clients and then go on and on criticizing their new agency. But you know what? That analytical energy can be spent coming up with a solid strategy for that new crush that’s making your heart skip a beat. Evaluating lessons learnt are always a good thing to do after a client leaves but be sure not to exhaust time dwelling on it, otherwise your next prospect may just pass you by.

Hold on TIGHT to those memories.

Who says you should start ridding yourself of anything related to your ex when there’s a breakup? Keep those keepsakes and keep them well! Those memories are what may land the agency its next gig. Samples of creatives or results of campaigns are crucial when pitching to new clients in some instances. Make sure you collect completed campaign data especially, and keep them safe and easily accessible for your next proposal. Aside serving as a reference point, this data may also serve as a basis for predicting upcoming campaign results. Oh, and don’t delete your ex’s number – she may just call you to get back together and of course, if the money is good, why not?

Here is a late late bonus one to make it four because you have read this far; as much as it depends on us, we should live at peace with everyone. Agency-client breakups can occur for many reasons but always try as much as possible not to let any dirt fly around no matter how things come to an end. Make it a smooth and amicable goodbye. Never let emotions lead because you never know where your agency’s name could be thrown in as a recommendation by Bae or where it may need some defending in your absence.

Know this: some clients may leave because of budgetary constraints but they may not be brave enough to say so – such clients are normally more than happy to recommend you. All the best in that inevitable breakup. We’ll be here with the Kleenex. 😝


Jonathan is a self-proclaimed “words and numbers guy” with a degree in Engineering and masters in Development Finance. Mix that with his word play and that’s what he applies to demystify products for consumers while providing insights to businesses.