Back again! The campaign is up and running more brilliantly than Usain Bolt ever did. The client is already thinking of extending the campaign. And of course, the team is happy because pizza is served. Let’s get this off quickly before the pizza runs out – there are more than a few turbo-charged tummies within the team. This blog post outlines the final three things agencies can apply to enhance creativity and productivity. Put all six into practice and your boss will be on the phone ordering that pizza you’ve been craving for, this Friday.

Guys, make the account manager your best friend

Not bootlicking my friends, but just staying in their good books. They can load you up with assignments or be all mooshy whooshy and pass the job on to the next person while making a case for how busy you are. Why? They take a lot of stick from clients and often seek comfort from members of their own team. If you make them feel worse, they would take it out on you without even knowing they are. And I said it’s not bootlicking? Well, it’s not. It’s just about taking time to be in their shoes and offering them encouragement sometimes.

Run the copy around before jumping into design

When the copy is not okay-ed before the designer begins work, it opens up the possibility of the finished work being bounced as a unit. Why? The account manager may disagree with the copy or a portion of it and that could mean a ‘Cos 90 production’. Solution? Get the copy approved before it is passed onto the designer. It saves time and creative juice that will be spent in re-working the content and of course, those looks that can cause your spirit to temporally jump out of your body.

Copywriters’ lives matter too

There have been a few times where a copywriter is copied in a calendar or document to be delivered to a client, and poof! Like magic, he sees his copy totally different because someone decided to make a change. The trouble is when it comes back with a big ‘X’ from the client. Yup! It’s been rejected and the poor ‘young’ copywriter has to rack his brains to come up with another copy. Everyone must be kept in the loop of what will be finally heading out to the client unless this is not possible. This transmits a sense of collective ownership of the work that is being sent out. Every agency is either rejected as a team or okay-ed as a team!

Hit us up when that pizza is on its way (wink wink)…


Jonathan is a self-proclaimed “words and numbers guy” with a degree in Engineering and masters in Development Finance. Mix that with his word play and that’s what he applies to demystify products for consumers while providing insights to businesses.