Hello, what does this mean for you?

At a workshop on the implementation of the Budapest Convention on Cyber Crime held in Accra on Monday, March 18th 2019, program manager of the Cyber Crimes Unit at the Council of Europe, Matteo Lucchetti, made this remark,  “You might be surprised to know that Ghana is in the top ten countries (9th) in the world for number of hours spent per day on social media.” and according to him, in 2018, a million new internet users came online everyday globally representing 11 persons per second ( as seen on ghanaweb.com).

Therefore, of the 4.4 billion out of the world’s 7.5 billion population connected to the internet today, the 6 million users in Ghana are on social media cumulatively longer than more than 95.5% of the countries in the world.

Now what does this mean for YOU?

To the world, it means Ghanaians have increased access to faster and more affordable internet connection. This also indicates a steady progress in the internet penetration in the country therefore painting a bright picture of the future in these parts.

For the telecommunication industry, this means more money. This is because the hours people spend on social media directly impacts the volume of internet bundles sold.

For companies, this means the priority you give to your  brand on social media in terms of the share of your marketing budget should rise provided you already have a social media presence. Out of 54 countries in Africa, the fact that Ghanaians spend the most time on social media means that they get to you see you and your offerings ably represented. They get to know you both intimately and remotely and of course, your revenue inflows have the potential to increase.

If your social media bank isn’t the richest in your industry, the million dollar question isn’t why not; or even what are you waiting for, it is, why have you not called us yet?

Esinam lives for the arts. She relishes the opportunity to present a killer concept on and off social media, and loves everything that demands employing her creative juices to make life better. With her degree in Directing and Scenic Design (Theatre Arts, UG-Legon), she presents the full package