Are you tired of not being able to attribute sales directly to marketing? Are you interested in finding where you are losing prospective customers along the purchase funnel? Would you like to reduce the budget on that billboard you recently erected because you realize it’s ineffective? But oh wait, that’s impossible.

If you answered YES to all or any of these questions, then you need to consider including digital channels to your marketing mix. You can reach your target audience more strategically and holistically by integrating online marketing with traditional channels. That way you are guaranteed to reach your target consumer at every point of contact, making it easier to drive home your communication objectives.

Social Media Marketing

SM Marketing

Our storytellers help brands build interactive communities online where they can create and maintain long-lasting relationships with their target audience. We equip these communities with the tools to host strategic and organic conversations between brands and their customers so that brand advocates are born and nurtured. Such social communities include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest. We use several tools to measure growth and engagement on these platforms as well as to identify patterns and trends which become valuable intel for our clients.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

With the overwhelming noise from advertising that consumers are faced with, it is no surprise that effective advertising is progressing from mass to personalized platforms. And it doesn’t get any more personal than email. Many have imagined that email will be a dying medium but it is among the most rewarding for one-on-communication; especially email programs where recipients have opted in. We create customized email blasts with content that each recipient will find useful and which will help brands ultimately achieve their goals. We are always testing different email elements and further segmenting our email lists to ensure that email campaigns are fully optimized.

Search Engine Marketing


Woody Allen said “70% of success is showing up” and this cannot be overstated in today’s digital world. If you cannot meet a customer or prospect at their point of need, you may have lost a potential conversion. So we help brands with their “discoverability” online to ensure that when terms related to their brand, products or services are searched for, their digital assets show up in prime spots in search engine results. We specialize in both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Paid Search campaign, using advanced campaign management software to ensure that campaigns are cost effective and are enjoying the maximum ROI. Our campaigns ran across all three major search engines: Google, Yahoo! And Bing for optimum reach.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing

Where is your mobile phone right this minute? In your lap? An arm’s reach away? Yes, we thought so and that is our sole justification for offering mobile marketing services to our clients. Consumers are in a heated love affair with their phones, so brands that want a piece of their attention cannot afford to leave mobile out of their marketing mix. All our campaigns are enabled for mobile devices to ensure that we reach your target audience as they are on the go. With location targeting we can find your audience based on their proximity to your business and reach them in real time.

Web Analytics

Web Analytics

The joy of online marketing lies in the fact that it is all very transparent because on every platform for every campaign everything is measurable and changes can be made in real time based on key performance indicators. After we set campaigns live, be it email, search, display or social media we use sophisticated tools and programs to monitor and measure relevant metrics to make sure that preset goals are being met and all campaigns are getting desirable results. The point is for minimal wastage to occur be it monetary or effort-related and if any loopholes are identified, we go back to the drawing board and restrategize immediately to set things back on track in order to minimize loss. You can’t do the same with a bill board. #justsaying

Display Media Planning & Buying

Display Media Planning & Buying

Although media planning and buying may look unsexy on sight, we believe that it is an art. We are the artists. The process of identifying the right audience, determining the most effective media and creating a message that will resonate with that audience is like brush strokes on a blank canvas.